Turn Any USB Port Into a Flashlight, Complete With Swipe Controls

If you take a good long look around your living room, you’ll probably be surprised at just how many electronic devices you own that have USB ports. And that’s what makes this ultra-compact flashlight so genius. Plug it into any powered USB port—whether it’s on a computer, an extension cord, or even a portable… »6/04/15 2:06pm6/04/15 2:06pm


Stop-Frame Animator Makes Amazing DSLR Movie The Old-Fashioned Way

Made by Ryan Cashman, this movie shows you that with a chunk of ingenuity and a huge bucket-load of patience you can make movies with any old DSLR. Ryan's clip of an LED pianist was made with nothing more sophisticated than a green keychain LED and a Canon digital Rebel. He took a sequence of 20-30 second exposures,… »9/24/08 9:00am9/24/08 9:00am

AquaRain Bath Fountain Puts on a Show Using Your Bathwater

I've never found bath time boring enough to need a water fountain and a light show, but in case you hate not being reminded of the Bellagio every time you step into the tub, the AquaRain is here to allay your washroom ADD. The AquaRain floats in your bathtub and pumps bathwater through its jets to create a fountain… »7/12/08 5:00pm7/12/08 5:00pm