LED Wall in Norway Transforms Pedestrian Shadows Into Light

If you've been in Norway this past year or so, you may have happened upon The Strømer, an interactive LED wall that turns shadows into light. Based on architect Stig Skjelvik's Dobpler prototype » 10/14/08 11:15pm 10/14/08 11:15pm, the display lights up as people move through Norway's Sandnes Sentrum pedestrian tunnel, leaving illuminated trails in…

Beijing's Gigantic LED Wall Is Fully Solar Powered

Say what you will about the fiascoes leading up to the Beijing Olympics, but the event has brought along with it some amazing new architecture. Greeting visitors attending the Xicui entertainment complex near the site of the games is a 20,000 square foot wall of computer-controlled LEDs, the largest of its kind ever… » 5/04/08 12:30pm 5/04/08 12:30pm