The Abyss Watch Capitalizes On Touch Screen Tech And Minimalism

It seems that watch hands and easy-to-read digital displays are a thing of the past according to Japanese style watches. A matte black touch screen face surrounded by time indicating LED's is infinitely more chic. » 7/27/10 12:20am 7/27/10 12:20am

Time-It Watch's LED Display Curls Around Your Wrist

This new LED watch curls around your wrist automagically, a bit like those weird snap-on bracelet thingies that were all the rage a while ago. Time-it's display is suitably LED-geeky, with several different modes, much like the Tokyo Flash or Nooka designs. Strangely its got a rechargeable battery, so it has to lie in… » 3/19/08 6:13am 3/19/08 6:13am

Build Your Own Tokyoflash-esque Binary Watch

DIY gadgeteer Nate True has come up with a home-brew LED watch alternative to those Tokyoflash wristwatches that are all the rage. A mashup of a binary clock and one of those nifty persistence-of-vision displays, Nate's device even packs in a super-bright flashlight mode. You can follow his instructions to make your… » 2/20/08 8:42am 2/20/08 8:42am

Lightmare LED Watch: A Headache On Your Wrist

The Lightmare LED watch looked pretty rad, until I tried figuring out what time was displayed on the picture. The watch lights up a single red LED on the inner ring to mark the hour, a smaller one on the outer ring to mark a five minute increment, and one to four smaller lights denoting which actual minute it is. I… » 1/29/07 5:40pm 1/29/07 5:40pm

Space LED Watch

We covered these lads a few weeks back and they've finally launched the Space line of LED watches. These new pieces have a much more bulbous look and are clad in stainless steel. Priced at about $90, they're available for pre-order. I have the gunmetal version and wear it quite a bit. It's a good watch for folks who… » 8/29/05 3:10pm 8/29/05 3:10pm