AT&T's Lame New Terms of Service Hate Mobile Video From Sling and P2P

That AT&T's new terms of service for wireless frowns on snagging video over P2P isn't surprising, but the fact that it effectively prohibits Slinging video to phones is mildly shocking and definitely lame. » 4/03/09 12:55pm 4/03/09 12:55pm

Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader Locked Up: Why Your Books Are No Longer…

If you buy a regular old book, CD or DVD, you can turn around and loan it to a friend, or sell it again. The right to pass it along is called the "first sale" doctrine. Digital books, music and movies are a different story though. Four students at Columbia Law School's Science and Technology Law Review looked at the… » 3/21/08 1:00pm 3/21/08 1:00pm