How Growing More Weed Can Help California Fix Its Water Problems

Last Tuesday, the Humboldt County Courthouse in Eureka, California was swarming with potheads. A pro-cannabis rally had been organized by State Assemblymember Jim Wood, who knows how to grab headlines: In July, Wood walked onto the State Capitol floor carrying a live marijuana plant and asked his colleagues to… »10/12/15 1:40pm10/12/15 1:40pm


California's Sweeping New Marijuana Industry Laws Are a Win For the Environment

A comprehensive suite of marijuana regulations were passed by California Governor Jerry Brown yesterday, creating much-needed government oversight over the state’s billion-dollar industry. The bill specifically addresses the environmental impact of growing marijuana, including water use during the drought.
»10/10/15 12:00pm10/10/15 12:00pm

Everything You Need to Know About the New USA FREEDOM Act

Ever since the Snowden revelations, honest (and some dishonest) efforts have been made in Congress to try to scale back at least some of the NSA's spying. It's a complex problem, since the NSA has overstepped reasonable bounds in so many different directions and there is intense secrecy surrounding the NSA's… »8/08/14 3:40am8/08/14 3:40am

My new favorite Twitter account is @CrimeADay

Back in college I took an undergrad law course that devoted a day to looking at silly old laws that were still on the books. One of the laws stated that it was illegal to serve margarine in any Wisconsin restaurant without also offering customers butter. The whole class thought it was hilarious. And then, not a few… »7/23/14 3:34pm7/23/14 3:34pm

Philly, First US City to Ban 3D Printed Guns "Based On Internet Stuff"

On Thursday, Philadelphia became the first U.S. city to enact a ban on 3D printed guns. It's a pre-emptive move, because so far there hasn't been a single report of 3D printed firearms showing up in Philly. As an assistant to the bill's author told Philly Magazine, "it's just based on internet stuff out there." »11/23/13 10:04am11/23/13 10:04am

The New California Act That Would Let Consumers Find Out Who Has Their Personal Data—And Get a Copy

Let's face it: most of us have no idea how companies are gathering and sharing our personal data. Colossal data brokers are sucking up personal facts about Americans from sources they refuse to disclose. Digital giants like Facebook are teaming up with data brokers in unsettling new ways. Privacy policies for… »4/03/13 6:06am4/03/13 6:06am

FCC Asked to Get Carriers to Hurry Up Local Number Portability Already

With all the advances in technology we've had over the last couple of decades, you'd think that something as simple as changing your land line number into a cellular one would take hours at most. At least Congress does, and its now urging the FCC to put rules in place that will speed up local number portability… »7/19/08 5:30pm7/19/08 5:30pm

Biometric Social Security Cards Proposed to Combat ID Theft

Two Illinois congressmen are introducing legislation with the goal of upgrading that flimsy paper piece of crap we call a social security card to include a photo, fingerprint and computer ID chip. Recent data shows that nearly $45 billion is lost each year due to identity theft, which makes it increasingly necessary… »2/13/08 4:50pm2/13/08 4:50pm

Super V-Chip Aims to Block Content on Everything, Will Probably Fail

The Senate Commerce Committee has approved legislation that would enjoin the FCC to oversee the development of a "super V-chip" that would block content on cellphones, TVs, the internet—anywhere tender young eyes could land upon "inappropriate" content. Unfortunately for its proponents, the Child Safe Viewing Act's… »8/03/07 9:00am8/03/07 9:00am

Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro UVIR Digital SLR: Infrared and Ultraviolet Camera Sees the Unseen

Fujifilm introduced its FinePix S3 Pro UVIR digital SLR camera, which the company calls the world's first production DSLR that can take photos in the ultraviolet and infrared light spectrum. Fujifilm is marketing the 12.3-megapixel camera to law enforcement agencies, who can use ultraviolet and infrared photography to… »8/09/06 10:31am8/09/06 10:31am