This Incredible Robotic Building Set Is Like Lego Come to Life

In today's toy-scape, robotic building sets have handily made the transition from fad to staple, and for good reason—they are awesome. But in a world where Lego Mindstorms reigns king, nothing has managed to combine function, universal appeal, and straight up fun quite like TinkerBots. This could be your kids'—and, for … » 4/10/14 7:00am 4/10/14 7:00am

Awesome timelapse of Lego Fenway Park built with 28,000 bricks

This massive, 12 sq. ft. Lego replica of Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, weighs 68 lbs, took 450 hours of design and building time and around 28,000 bricks. All captured in one awesome timelapse. The build went down at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Boston, where it will be on display May 23rd. » 4/05/14 10:23pm 4/05/14 10:23pm

The New 16 Lego Simpsons Minifigs Are Awesome And I Want Them All

Here you have them: The rumored Lego Simpsons minifigs in all their glory! 16 of them, including Itchy and Scratchy with deadly weapons! Even the Simpsons themselves look better than the ones in the house set, because their eyes are fully open. » 3/26/14 5:56pm 3/26/14 5:56pm

Gigantic Lego St. Pancras Station is 120,000 bricks of brilliant!

Warren Elsmore, a former IT consultant, gave up his job over a year ago to pursue his passion: Making badass buildings with Lego. His St. Pancras station build is incredibly detailed and quite impressive. It's made the rounds at Lego events and conventions around Europe and at 120,000 bricks, it's a pretty epic… » 3/12/14 1:58am 3/12/14 1:58am

Behold the New 3,296-piece Lego Star Wars Sandcrawler!

» 3/08/14 1:40am 3/08/14 1:40am

This is definitely the Lego Star Wars Sandcrawler I was looking for. It's not as massive as the fan built vehicle that every Lego and Star Wars nerd in the world wanted, but with all its moving mechanism and seven minifigs, it's a must have. Its character and construction seems well resolved. Check out the pictures… » 3/08/14 1:40am 3/08/14 1:40am

Awesome 3-foot-tall Lego jaeger from Pacific Rim is piloted by minifigs

LEGO artist Jason Corlett, spent 70 hours and 5,000 bricks to build Cherno Alpha, an almost 3-ft tall massive Lego jaeger from Pacific Rim. Though my favorite is Gipsy Danger, this scrappy Russian model is pretty badass. This is an impressive build, made more impressive by the fact that it's piloted by drift-compatible … » 3/04/14 11:23pm 3/04/14 11:23pm

The Best of Toy Fair 2014

Imagine walking into the world's biggest toy store except that everything you see is completely brand new—and you can't buy any of it just yet. That's exactly what covering Toy Fair—the toy industry's annual tradeshow—is like. It's a tantalizing glimpse into what kids will be begging their parents for over the upcoming … » 2/19/14 2:40pm 2/19/14 2:40pm

Hands-On: the official Lego Ghostbusters is awesome and spot on

A few weeks ago Lego officially revealed that the next fan-designed Cuusoo set to go into production would be Brent Waller's incredibly-detailed Ghostbusters set. And while the brickmasters at Lego made a few tweaks to Waller's design, the results are still definitely worth adding to any Lego collection. » 2/16/14 9:26pm 2/16/14 9:26pm

Behold! All the 2014 Best Picture Oscar Nominees in Lego

When I think of Lego minifigs, I don't often imagine them having depraved, coke-fueled orgies.* Or orbiting earth, while overcoming intense emotional inertia. But, now that I think of it, a Lego Wolf of Wall Street would be awesome! Here are all the 2014 Oscar-nominated Best Picture films in Lego form. » 2/15/14 12:34am 2/15/14 12:34am

The Lego Movie official blooper reel is so much fun to watch

I have a confession: I have not watched The Lego Movie yet. I know, I know. I am a terrible human. My childhood self would shake his head so hard. Heck, my adult self is shaking my head at me! I'm going to watch it ASAP now though. Because after watching this "blooper" reel from The Lego Movie, I'm curled up in a ball… » 2/13/14 9:06pm 2/13/14 9:06pm

The girl from the 1981 Lego ad is now a doctor and still loves it

Remember the stereotype-busting, heartwarming 1981 Lego ad featuring an adorable Lego-loving (gasp!) little girl? Well, her name is Rachel Giordano and she's all grown up, working as a naturopathic doctor in Seattle. She's still gaga for Lego, she just doesn't want a girly pink set. » 2/13/14 12:36pm 2/13/14 12:36pm

Build a Custom Garden Planter With These Lego-Like Blocks

It's hard to argue the fact that Lego is one of the greatest toys of all time, but who says the plastic building blocks have to only be used as toys? The creators of these wonderful Togetherfarm Blocks—made from recycled food-grade plastic—are intended for use as planters and garden boxes in any shape or size you can… » 1/30/14 5:00pm 1/30/14 5:00pm

Lego Ghostbusters is now official!

Attenshun, Lego and Bill Murray fans all over the world! Start saving because the Keymaster has finally met the Gatekeeper and Gozer the Gozerian has materialized at Lego's headquarters in Billund, Denmark: The 30th Anniversary Ghostbuster set—designed by Lego fan Brent Waller— is going to be an official Lego product. » 1/30/14 12:36pm 1/30/14 12:36pm

According to Tony Stark's code, the Iron Man suit is made with Lego

Forget everything you think you know about Iron Man. Turns out he was powered by Lego. Yes, you read that correctly. The Tumblr "Source Code in Television and Films" by John Graham-Cumming has exposed the programming code Tony Stark used to bring his Iron Man suit to life. And it's a code for a Lego computer. » 1/15/14 5:47am 1/15/14 5:47am

This steampunk Lego tarantula is terrifyingly cool

Spiders are horrifying. Especially Lego steampunk spiders. This Lego creation by Imagine Rigney is based on Arliss Loveless's tarantula contraption from Will Smith's unfortunate steampunk flick, The Wild Wild West. The spider was the best part of that terrible film. Now rendered in Lego form, it's even cooler. » 1/13/14 8:17pm 1/13/14 8:17pm