Short Round and Sean Connery's Papa Jones are My New Favorite Lego…

The new Indiana Jones Lego sets are awesome. Not only do they adorably recreate several classic scenes from the three non-retarded Indy flicks, they've evolved the minifig to new heights: Short Round heights. » 2/16/09 4:25pm 2/16/09 4:25pm

Dealzmodo: Xbox 360 Pro with Three Games for $284 Shipped Today Only

Well, look at what we have here. Dell is selling the Xbox 360 Pro (with the 60GB hard drive), along with Lego Indiana Jones, Kung Fu Panda, and Madden NFL '09 for the one-day-only price of $284.05. The system normally retails for $299 alone, so you better believe this is a Dealzmodo. » 12/06/08 12:00pm 12/06/08 12:00pm

5 Million-Piece LEGO Boulder Chases Indy, Crashes Into Car

Ah LEGO, how much do we love you? Let me count the ways: five million. The same amount of million multicolored pieces needed to create this solid boulder, as big as the one in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Then get a fake Professor Henry Jones (You call this archaeology?), fake Sallah (Asps. Very dangerous. You go first)… » 5/19/08 7:05am 5/19/08 7:05am