Leica's Willing to Strip Your M9 of Its Famous Red Dot For an Extra…

How will people know you're wealthy enough to afford a Leica, if they can't see the iconic red dot? I suppose those-in-the-know will assume its absence meant you spent $1,995 upgrading it to be like their new M9-P, which foregoes the red dot for photographers' safety. » 8/03/11 3:40am 8/03/11 3:40am

The M9-P Is the Full-Frame Leica for Street Ninjas

The Leica M9-P is just like the original M9—still the world's smallest full-frame digital camera and still absurdly expensive—but with one major difference: (Almost) nobody will know it's a Leica. » 6/21/11 3:02pm 6/21/11 3:02pm