Lenovo's Droolworthy OPhone Gets Handled on Video

This video of Lenovo's Android-powered OPhone makes me hungry for Android's Cupcake and what it could possibly do. If this is the future of Android, I'm upgrading. » 4/08/09 11:20pm 4/08/09 11:20pm

Rumored Lenovo oPhone OS Looks Too Apple-like

Chinese bloggers have posted photos that are rumored to depict what the Lenovo oPhone's operating system looks like. Apparently, much like their moniker, the oPhone OS also has that slight Apple-y touch. » 3/24/09 1:00am 3/24/09 1:00am

Check Out a Few Extra Pics of Lenovo's Android OPhone

ModMyGphone has some great shots of the China-only, Lenovo OPhone—which runs the Android OS. Originally surfacing last week, a few more details have also popped up, revealing that it has a 5 MP camera, microSD support, English/Chinese virtual keyboard, Bluetooth and video recording capability. And after seeing… » 12/16/08 9:30pm 12/16/08 9:30pm