Lenovo Delays Skylight Smartbook and U1 Hybrid Indefinitely

Lenovo's attempt to herald a category of mobile devices has been put off—again—as they announced today that they're ditching their custom Skylight Linux UI in favor of Android. It's a significant blow to the already dying smartbook category. » 5/28/10 5:14pm 5/28/10 5:14pm

Smartbooks Are Dying On the Vine. That's Dumb.

What if I told you there was an ultralight device that put all the functionality of a powerful tablet into the thinnest, lightest laptop you ever saw? It exists. It could be great. And it's dying before its time. » 5/28/10 12:26pm 5/28/10 12:26pm

Sapper, Stradivarius and Skylight: Designing Lenovo's Smartbook

David Hill is the VP of Lenovo brand management and design and was also instrumental in the design of the original ThinkPad. Here, he shares the creative process in designing Lenovo's Skylight, a smartbook which wowed us at CES. » 1/15/10 4:40pm 1/15/10 4:40pm

Lenovo Skylight Hands On: The Frisbee Smartbook

The Skylight is part netbook, part smartphone, and I'm pretty sure I could throw it 50 yards. The real question is if that makes it a game-changer or a novelty act. » 1/07/10 6:15pm 1/07/10 6:15pm

Lenovo's Skylight Is the First ARM-Based Snapdragon Smartbook

The Skylight is Lenovo's entrant into the nascent smartbook category, and with Qualcomm providing its ballyhooed 1GHz Snapdragon chipset, it may well be an important evolutionary step in mobile computing. » 1/05/10 12:01am 1/05/10 12:01am