Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Comes A-Courtin' Business Folk

The lid is off the Lenovo ThinkPad, touted as the first tablet for enterprise-level business. I just spent some time sizing it up, and you know what? It's kind of exactly what the suits are looking for. » 8/30/11 5:43pm 8/30/11 5:43pm

Every New Lenovo Thinkpad Will Integrate Sprint 3G/4G

Of course you'll have to pay for the subscription, but Lenovo is sticking Sprint 3G/4G-compatible hardware/software into every ThinkPad from here on out. Beats a dongle, I guess. [Lenovo] » 3/25/10 10:28am 3/25/10 10:28am

Thinkpad Bus Seats Inaugurate New Buttputing Era

First question: How tough are Thinkpad notebooks? Tough enough to be installed in buses and tram shuttles as seats and keep working just fine. Second question: Are the trackpads scrotumsensitive? I like to think they are. » 11/30/09 2:40pm 11/30/09 2:40pm

The ThinkPad That Never Runs Out Of Battery

Or gets a blue screen of death. Or has a red trackpoint that gets dirty and gets worn down. Yep, the precursor to the original IBM ThinkPad was just a pad, with the word "Think" imprinted on its leather binding. » 10/01/09 5:20pm 10/01/09 5:20pm

Lenovo ThinkPads Officially Semi-Rugged Certified to Withstand…

Good news if you own a ThinkPad X200, X300 or T400 or a few other Lenovo laptops: You actually got a mil-spec semi-ruggedized computer and didn't even know it! » 2/23/09 8:20pm 2/23/09 8:20pm

Lenovo Constant Connect Lets ThinkPads Sync Emails Instantly and…

Thanks to a new technology called Lenovo Constant Connect, Lenovo laptops will be able to sync enterprise-based emails with Blackberry phones at all times, even while the laptop is powered off. » 2/16/09 12:01am 2/16/09 12:01am

Lenovo's Special Edition Leather ThinkPad Getting Dolled Up for its…

Now that we've undressed the ThinkPad T61, Lenovo's teasing us with a special "Reserve Edition" ThinkPad that has us reaching for our cameras once again. » 5/23/07 6:40pm 5/23/07 6:40pm

Lenovo T61 and R61: Now with Hot Santa Rosa Action

Have a butchers at Lenovo's newest ThinkPads, the T61 and the R61. While there's nothing particularly scrummy about the design, the laptops do have Intel's Santa Rosa platform under the hood. Both models will be available from next month, with updated versions following on in June (a WWAN model of the T61) and July… » 4/25/07 4:38am 4/25/07 4:38am