Lenovo's Official X300 Comparison vs. MacBook Air Shows Why It's Better…

You saw the 5 takes on the Lenovo X300, the X300 benchmarked vs. the MacBook Air, and even Mossberg's review, but what does Lenovo think about the comparisons between the two laptops? Well, obviously, they think their machine is better, but the reasons given for why it's better appeals to Lenovo's core audience—the… » 2/28/08 1:55pm 2/28/08 1:55pm

Lenovo X300 Benchmarked Versus MacBook Air

Although Mossberg's Lenovo X300 vs. MacBook Air fight compared things like weight, portability, inputs and functionality, it didn't compare the thing that power users care about—performance—in absolute numbers. Notebook Review did. In their CPU benchmark, the Air finished the test in 68 seconds while the X300 took an… » 2/22/08 3:20pm 2/22/08 3:20pm