A Lensbaby For Your iPhone That Makes Mobile Photography More Creative

For photographers looking to get really creative with their gear, Lensbaby is well known for its various DSLR lenses that can create tilt-shift and other popular effects. But for the first time, the company is letting iPhone photographers get in on the fun too, with a tiny smartphone-friendly lens providing extreme… »4/02/14 4:40pm4/02/14 4:40pm


Lensbaby Spark Review: Magical Camera Blur Effects, If You Fuss With It

Tilt-shift photography is all the rage. It's based on a type of lens that distorts perspective and focal plane to create atmospheric blur effects. Tilt-shift lenses are usually cray expensive, but Lensbaby makes a whole line of blur-tastic lenses for cheap. Their newest toy for a DSLR, the Spark, only costs $80. But… »9/27/12 2:45pm9/27/12 2:45pm

Take Stunning Tilt-Controlled Photos With the Lensbaby Composer Pro Lens

Good lenses can cost thousands of dollars, but Lensbaby's only charging between $300 - $400 for its latest lens, the Composer Pro. It's a small cost to pay for those blurry-around-the edges, sharp-on-the-subject photos which have been so popular of late. That sweet spot is of course adjustable, by fiddling with the… »4/04/11 11:03am4/04/11 11:03am

Ball-And-Socket Lensbaby Composer Adds to Distorting Bendy-Lens Line

Lensbaby has just revamped its line of creative bendable "distorting" lenses at Photokina, and added a new type. This new Composer disposes with the bellows bend/focus system of earlier Lensbabies and has ball-and socket twisting with a focusing ring at the front to let you select the in-focus sweet-spot in your… »9/23/08 4:18am9/23/08 4:18am