Take Stunning Tilt-Controlled Photos With the Lensbaby Composer Pro Lens

Good lenses can cost thousands of dollars, but Lensbaby's only charging between $300 - $400 for its latest lens, the Composer Pro. It's a small cost to pay for those blurry-around-the edges, sharp-on-the-subject photos which have been so popular of late. That sweet spot is of course adjustable, by fiddling with the… »4/04/11 11:03am4/04/11 11:03am


Ball-And-Socket Lensbaby Composer Adds to Distorting Bendy-Lens Line

Lensbaby has just revamped its line of creative bendable "distorting" lenses at Photokina, and added a new type. This new Composer disposes with the bellows bend/focus system of earlier Lensbabies and has ball-and socket twisting with a focusing ring at the front to let you select the in-focus sweet-spot in your… »9/23/08 4:18am9/23/08 4:18am