Rumor: Danny Boyle to Direct Steve Jobs Movie With Leonardo di Caprio

The Hollywood Reporter claims that producers are tapping up Danny Boyle and Leonardo di Caprio to take on the the latest in a string of Steve Jobs flicks. » 4/22/14 5:36am 4/22/14 5:36am

James Cameron Re-Releasing Titanic in 3D

See how happy Leonardo DiCaprio is? It's not because he's king of the world. No. It's because his acting masterpiece, Titanic, is going to hit the theaters again, this time with with a real James Cameron treatment. Yeah, Titanic 3D. » 3/19/10 12:30am 3/19/10 12:30am

Kid-Invented Water Watcher Keeps Close Eye On Your Shower Wastage

Aw, here's a cute piece of news: 12-year-old inventor Elizabeth Rintel has won the grand prize in a "Going Green Challenge" by youth media company By Kids For Kids » 8/16/08 4:30pm 8/16/08 4:30pm with her "Water Watcher," a device that measures and monitors water usage in the shower. The gadget, which can be fastened to any shower or faucet, sounds…

Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell to be Portrayed by Leonardo Dicaprio

A movie based on Nolan Bushnell's founding of Atari was sold to Paramount on Friday and Leonardo Dicaprio is set to play the lead. Most people remember Bushnell for Atari, but I remember him for the scathing pit of rancid pizza and yuppie spawn called Chuck E. Cheese. » 6/07/08 2:47pm 6/07/08 2:47pm