$7000 Beast II Flashlight Turns Night Into Day With 2000 Lumens

Who knew there would be a flashlight that burns as bright as an aircraft landing light? That would be the Surefire Beast II LED torch, blasting 2000 lumens, giving you a searchlight that's as bright as 130 regular flashlights. That's some serious light, but it sucks a tremendous amount of power and money, too. »8/06/07 1:15pm8/06/07 1:15pm

Wind-Up LED Camp Light, The Perfect Apocalypse Appliance

Forget about hassling with solar power or batteries when there's no electricity any more (or on your next camping trip)—just wind up this LED camp light for a minute, and it lights up your post-apocalyptic world for 30 minutes. Wind it up all the way and it'll give you four hours of its brightest light or 48 hours'… »7/11/07 10:30pm7/11/07 10:30pm

Build Your Own Super-Closeup LED Light for Intimate Situations

Good lighting is the key to shooting great video, but sometimes just the right kinds of lights aren't available or are too expensive. If you need extreme close-up light that looks nice and soft, Instructables shows you how to make your own LED light array for very little money that's particularly useful in close-up… »6/25/07 1:06pm6/25/07 1:06pm

theANEMIX 3-D Lighting System: Reminds Me of Lava Lamps, But Much Cooler

theANEMIX is a modular, customizable lighting system inspired by the bioluminescence of deep-sea creatures that produces 3D effects in space. It uses an easily modifiable panel composed of a reflective and a luminescent layer, which is LED-powered, to produce its effects. However they do it, it looks pretty damn… »5/29/07 8:20pm5/29/07 8:20pm