Bill Murray's hilarious costumes in Late Show with David Letterman

A clever imgur user posted a strip with all the costumes that Bill Murray has used in the Late Show with David Letterman from 2009 to 2014. Murray is always hilarious, but the fact that he has been doing this for five years now is amazing. It makes me sad to know that we won't see a new costume in 2015. »6/13/14 2:22am6/13/14 2:22am

How Letterman Gets Around NBC's Super Bowl "Fascism"

David Letterman loved the Super Bowl, and was heated that he couldn't show his audience highlights from the big game due to NBC's iron grip on usage rights. So last night, Dave had some choice words for NBC—he called the network "fascist"—and then took matters into his own hands with a super high-tech simulation of… »2/07/12 3:20pm2/07/12 3:20pm

Letterman's Producer Survives Sparky, Smelly, Smoky Powerbook

Justin Stangel, Head Writer/Producer of CBS's Late Show with David Letterman was innocently writing hilarious comedy in his New York office, when an ominous odor wafted from the adaptor of his Powerbook. You can actually see sparks and smoke coming out of it. Thank goodness cooler heads prevailed! Somebody opened a… »7/13/07 8:24am7/13/07 8:24am