Calligraphic robot imitates your handwriting using a fountain pen

There are a couple of companies that use robots to send handwritten messages on paper from your phone. The only bad thing is that they have been using canned typefaces until now: Bond has a new robot that can write notes in your own handwriting using a fountain pen. It's really cool, check it out: » 1/15/15 9:00am 1/15/15 9:00am

Letters, Ranked (by Futurists of 1900)

Do you like the letter C? Have any particular attachment to the letter X? How about the letter Q? Well, back in the year 1900, some people thought we'd be rid of them by now. And while they haven't actually disappeared, the futurists of 1900 were certainly right about that whole condensing of language thing. I mean,… » 10/02/14 12:40pm 10/02/14 12:40pm

Design Legend Massimo Vignelli Is Very Sick—Send Him a Letter

The man who gave us everything from the NYC subway's signage and map to the American Airlines logo, Massimo Vignelli, is currently spending his last days at home—and his son has an unusual request: Would you send him a note? » 5/09/14 11:20am 5/09/14 11:20am

This App Lets You Send Handwritten Greeting Cards Right From Your Phone

In a world of texts and emails, handwritten notes are getting rarer and rare because they require that heinous thing called "effort." Or at least they used to. A new iOS app called Inkly takes almost all the work out of it, except for the actual writing part. » 10/23/12 10:33am 10/23/12 10:33am

These Letters of Wannabe Space Explorers Broke My Heart

I love these letters sent to the American Museum of Natural History by wannabe space explorers from the 1950s. They are so wonderfully naive and full of hope, some of them really funny, others quite sad in hindsight. » 12/19/11 8:00pm 12/19/11 8:00pm

What Would You Tell Your Friend if He Was a Terrorist?

Mohamed Osman Mohamud, a Oregon State University student, had planned to set off a car bomb at a 2010 Christmas Tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon before he was caught (in a setup). His friends had no idea. Now, with hindsight, they're writing letters to him. » 8/13/11 12:00am 8/13/11 12:00am

Bring Snail Mail Unto the 21st Century With Recordable, Rewritable…

Oh, so you still send snail-mail? Boobytrap envelopes by recording 10-second-long messages on these rewritable talking envelopes, which cost $4.75 for a 10-pack. Be sure to address them in pencil only, though! [SoundExpression via RedFerret] » 5/12/11 7:00am 5/12/11 7:00am

Who Ships Those 300 Million Holiday Packages, Visualized

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Or least, if you're in the parcel delivery business. But who exactly is doing the brunt of the shipping this holiday season? Here's how it breaks down. » 12/22/10 10:00pm 12/22/10 10:00pm

A Typography Geek's Dream Bookshelf

The Aakkoset bookshelf from Kayiwa might not be the most efficient way to store your things, but the alphabet shelf sure would get a typographer excited. Look at how useful a well constructed 'W' can be! » 10/30/10 5:00pm 10/30/10 5:00pm

Console Font Is Just My Type

I've seen fonts that are playful, but the console alphabet may be the first ever that's playable. Composed entirely of carefully arranged gaming hardware and awesomeness, it's going to be my default just as soon as it's downloadable. [Behance] » 6/18/10 5:40pm 6/18/10 5:40pm

In Defense of the Letter

Analog means more than digital. It's real, for one thing. Something real is maimed in the process of recording. And it's slow. Pulp doesn't teleport, like bits. If you write somebody a letter, you mean it. » 2/13/10 3:00pm 2/13/10 3:00pm

Take Typeface Personality Quiz, Experience Self-Discovery

I normally bristle at personality quizzes for their asinine generalizations and overall lameness. But I have to respect the creativity of this video test that Fast Company discovered. Helvetica nerds, this is for you. » 1/08/10 11:00pm 1/08/10 11:00pm

Dear Macrovision: A Response to Responses to Steve Jobs' "Thoughts on…

Dear Fred Amoroso (and assorted other CEOs, etc.), » 2/16/07 8:00pm 2/16/07 8:00pm

No, no no. That wasn't the point! He wasn't offering anything. The letter was a PR move. That was all. If you think this is excellent PR for yourself, you're wrong. It just makes you look like a jackass for not knowing how to read. Besides, if you were going to…