​Geordi La Forge Explains NASA's MAVEN Mission to Mars

After narrowly avoiding the chopping block during the recent government shutdown, NASA's upcoming MAVEN mission is finally a go for launch on Monday, barring any technical or weather setbacks. Before then, take a moment as Reading Rainbow host and Star Trek: TNG staple LeVar Burton explains exactly what the… » 11/15/13 3:00pm 11/15/13 3:00pm

Let's Help LeVar Burton Get @ReadingRainbow Where It Belongs

LeVar Burton needs our help. The former host of classic educational series and childhood TV staple Reading Rainbow is trying to acquire the Twitter handle @ReadingRainbow. However his efforts have been to no avail. The name's been bogarted by an unknown party and left to rot for over three years. » 1/31/12 11:41pm 1/31/12 11:41pm