Vudu Streaming Goes Live on LG BD390, With Added (Rotten) Tomatoes

Vudu promised its 1080p a la carte streaming movie service would be coming to the LG BD390 Blu-ray player by the end of last month, making LG's connected box just about the best on the market. Well, it's a little late, but it's here, and it brings with it some new goodies: namely, Rotten Tomatoes integration. » 10/13/09 9:27am 10/13/09 9:27am

New LG Broadband TVs, Blu-ray Decks All Get Netflix HD Streaming and…

LG is picking up where they left off with the Netflix-juiced BD300 in their Broadband HDTVs and plasmas, as well as the brand new BD370 and BD390 Blu-ray decks and a slew of HTIBs. » 1/07/09 12:35pm 1/07/09 12:35pm