First Review: LG BH100 Hybrid Blu-Ray/HD-DVD Player (Verdict: Format War Still Blazing)

Click to viewWe got the LG BH100 in the mail yesterday. It does what claims to do — be the very first high definition disc player that is compatible with both Blu-ray and HD-DVD. But don't wave the white flag in the format war quite yet. Our first grope reveals a few flaws that keep me from recommending this player… »1/24/07 2:57pm1/24/07 2:57pm


LG Dual-Format Player Coming, Just Without an HD DVD Logo

While it looked for a minute there like the DVD Forum people (the dudes behind HD DVD standards) were about to piss all over LG's dual-format campfire, all they ended up being able to do was keep the HD DVD logo off the new player. Their beef was with the player's lack of support for HDi, meaning you can watch an HD… »1/17/07 10:36am1/17/07 10:36am