Verizon Launches Dashboard Flash-Based Mobile Storefront

Verizon has quietly gone live with their new Dashboard flash-based mobile storefront. So far, the app is only available on the LG Chocolate 3 »9/18/08 2:40pm9/18/08 2:40pm, but more phones are expected to be added by the end of the year. That would make it one of the largest implementations of Adobe's flash in the US. The service will allow users…


LG's Touchscreen Dare, New Chocolate Fipper and Decoy with Piggy-Back Headset Hitting Verizon Soon

Verizon Wireless is finally fessing up to three LG phones that it will be delivering to customers in June and July:

• The Dare, aka VX9700: This has a touchscreen but is slim thanks to the absence of a hidden keyboard (like on the bulkier Glyde and Voyager).

Chocolate 3: A phone we hadn't seen before, that ditches… »6/11/08 10:04am6/11/08 10:04am