It's OK. I Love My Old Gear, Too

You'd think a guy who writes about tech all day would have the latest and greatest gear. Confession time: I don't. In fact, most of it's pretty old and I sort of like it that way. » 12/17/09 12:40pm 12/17/09 12:40pm

LG Wants To Pay You $10,000 for Your Chocolate Phone

I don't know if it's a competition, or some crazy way to recover experimental chips—but LG is on a global hunt for 5 of its Chocolate phones. They've placed newspaper ads across 12 countries with specific serial numbers: » 9/29/09 8:50am 9/29/09 8:50am

LG Chocolate BL20 Brings Back Traditional Chocolate Styling

Unlike LG's wacky BL40 ultra-widescreen Chocolate, the newly-spotted BL20 is more obviously from the Chocolate lineage. It's a non-touchscreen slider with haptic feedback on its touch-sensitive buttons, and actually features an interface not dissimilar to the BL40. » 9/05/09 5:00pm 9/05/09 5:00pm

The LG BL40 "Long Chocolate" Looks Kind Of Ridiculous In Real Life

All I can think about when watching this hands-on video with LG's super-long BL40 Chocolate touchscreen phone is that we've been using the phrase "candybar phone" way too loosely for the last few years. » 8/18/09 12:20pm 8/18/09 12:20pm

First LG Chocolate BL40 Official Shots Don't Surprise, Still Stun

Short of price, release date and carrier(s), there's not a whole lot that hasn't been leaked about LG's comically long next generation Chocolate, the BL40. But somehow, these first official shots are still enticing. I mean, look at it. » 7/30/09 8:19am 7/30/09 8:19am

LG Chocolate BL40's Little Brother Outed As BL42 Slider

Sure enough, that mysterious baby brick sitting next to the stretched-out BL40 is a direct followup to the last generation of LG Chocolates, called the BL42. The 3G slider is rumored to have a 240x320 display and a 5-megapixel camera. » 7/16/09 7:50am 7/16/09 7:50am

LG Chocolate BL40 Spy Shots Simultaneously Confirm Beauty,…

You can forget the teasers, promotional videos, and info leaks, because this is the real thing: Live, in-the-flesh shots of LG's Chocolate BL40 phone. We knew it was long, but this handset looks like it's been literally stretched. » 7/16/09 4:27am 7/16/09 4:27am

New LG Chocolate Shown on Video, Crazy-Long Design Confirmed

Well, there goes the rest of LG's annoyingly gradual tease campaign: the next generation LG Chocolate BL40, with a 4-inch, 800x344 (21:9!), multitouch screen has been revealed in full in a leaked promotional video. » 7/13/09 4:50am 7/13/09 4:50am

New LG Chocolate's Secret Feature Is an 800x345 Resolution 21:9 Cinema…

LG's planning to milk teasers for the delicious-looking new Chocolate over the next month, but might have spoiled the surprise: They say its secret feature is an 800x344 display—yeah, that's a heady 21:9 aspect ratio. » 7/07/09 11:59am 7/07/09 11:59am

New LG Chocolate Looks Good Enough to Lick, Bite

LG is teasing us with a few obscured and very lickable shots of the next generation LG Chocolate. Looks quite bold and smooth, like a Red Bull and strawberries smoothie with an added vodka punch. » 7/07/09 8:30am 7/07/09 8:30am

Afternoon News: Give Gifts on Wii, Get a Cheap Mylo, New Light Bulbs…

• Dealzmodo: Sign up for a Sony Visa card, get a Mylo for $49 and one free year of T-Mobile Hotspot service. Our own Chris Mascari said it best: "Kinda makes me wish I wanted a Mylo." [Sony]
• The Wii Shop now lets you send Virtual Console games to friends as gifts. First person to send me Super Mario 64 gets a gold… » 12/10/07 4:00pm 12/10/07 4:00pm

RIM Sues LG Over the Words "Black," "Berry" and "Pearl"

Incensed over a pair of LG handsets that truthfully, probably were named to ape BlackBerry—the Black Cherry and Strawberry—RIM's taking LG to court. Fair enough. But RIM's arguing that any wireless device with the words "black," "berry," or "pearl" in its name isn't kosher, and requires RIM's consent. Apparently,… » 11/09/07 4:40pm 11/09/07 4:40pm

LG Chocolate HT972TR Home Theater System Looks Like an Overgrown…

LG takes this 5.1 home theater-in-a-box (HTIB) deeper into Chocolate territory with this Chocolate HT972TR Home Theater system, hoisting its four surround speakers into a vertical arrangement that mimics the company's iconic cellphone line. Topping it off is a touchy-feely control unit for its CD/DVD player that's… » 10/05/07 2:06pm 10/05/07 2:06pm

Verizon Follows iPhone Converts Like a Jealous Ex

Click to viewA reader of ours recently canceled decided to cancel his Verizon contract early just to buy an iPhone. Through some sort of ESP, Verizon sent a "why don't you love me anymore I have music too and can change" email that probably came with an e-card and set of virtual flowers...right alongside his "welcome… » 9/08/07 2:20pm 9/08/07 2:20pm

Hype Sheet: Ballin' the Jack for VCast

The Pitch Jim, a typical office drone, has apparently switched to Verizon Wireless so he can download AC/DC tunes for his LG Chocolate. (Sorry, I don't know the HTML code for a lightning bolt, so live with the slash.) This not-so-amazing (and, for that matter, not-so-believable) revelation is over and done with by the… » 8/16/07 12:15pm 8/16/07 12:15pm

LG Chocolate Now in Christmas Red and Green, Same Otherwise

The LG Chocolate. Other than the Motorola RAZR, it's probably the most hyped cellphone out there right now. And now you can get it in Christmas colors: cherry (red) and mint (green). That means that it's now available in black, white, cherry and mint. Four colors, people. One more than three, but one less than five. A… » 11/24/06 12:24pm 11/24/06 12:24pm

New LG Chocolate 2 Still Uses Dumb Touch Buttons

Just a few days after releasing a white version of its Chocolate cellphone in the U.S., LG has unveiled the cellphone's successor, the KE800. Destined to be referred to as the Chocolate 2 or the Chocolate Platinum, the cellphone sports a number of improvements over its predecessor, save for one problem: it still uses… » 11/01/06 8:45am 11/01/06 8:45am

White Chocolate, KRZR Now Official: Whiter But Not Better

Those traditionalists over at Verizon Wireless have seen fit to introduce a white version of the LG Chocolate(and Motorola KRZR K1m, but nobody cares about that). We've mentioned this earlier, but now the news comes directly from the Verizon gatekeepers. With a two-year contract, the white Chocolate will set you back… » 10/30/06 3:11pm 10/30/06 3:11pm

LG Chocolate Phone Reviewed (Verdict: Ham-Handed)

The Wall Street Journal's Walter Mossberg took a look at the LG Chocolate cellphone offered by Verizon Wireless this week, and one thing's for sure: nobody can call him an LG Chocolate fanboy. The buzz-proof curmudgeon panned the phone up one side and down the other, calling its user interface "ham-handed," adding… » 8/03/06 9:35am 8/03/06 9:35am