Mobile Browser Battlemodo: Which Phones Deliver The Real Web

Before 2007, using the internet on your phone would make you want to kill yourself, if you were dumb enough to believe the crap splattered across that tiny screen even was the "internet." But the combination of increased bandwidth and better mobile software means that more phones really are promising to deliver the … »11/19/08 11:00am11/19/08 11:00am


Question of the Day: Are Smartphones Replacing Standard Phones?

The T-Mobile G1 »9/23/08 4:00pm9/23/08 4:00pm sells for a subsidized $179, the iPhone 3G for $199, and even Palm and BlackBerry have popular smartphones aimed at consumers. This proves regular people want email, music, a little web and some mapping. The question is, are all killing the market for regular phones? Will "feature" phones with similar…

Verizon's LG Dare Full Review (Verdict: Best iClone Yet)

"Dare to be different," the saying goes, but the LG Dare is really Verizon Wireless's attempt to fit in, to offer a phone that's more like the AT&T LG Vu and Sprint Samsung Instinct, not to mention Apple's similarly priced iPhone 3G. The truth is, the Dare may not be as glamorous or well-priced as the Instinct, but it… »6/30/08 7:03pm6/30/08 7:03pm

LG Dare, Verizon's Most Daring Phone Yet: Impressions, Video Walkthrough and Gallery

Let's just put this out there: LG's Dare is (or will be) the best touchscreen phone in Verizon's lineup. It's not quite as feature rich as the Instinct, but it corrects a lot of the Voyager's flaws, from the touchscreen to the music player, as you can see in our video walkthrough and massive gallery. UPDATE: Click for… »6/25/08 9:00am6/25/08 9:00am

LG's Touchscreen Dare, New Chocolate Fipper and Decoy with Piggy-Back Headset Hitting Verizon Soon

Verizon Wireless is finally fessing up to three LG phones that it will be delivering to customers in June and July:

• The Dare, aka VX9700: This has a touchscreen but is slim thanks to the absence of a hidden keyboard (like on the bulkier Glyde and Voyager).

Chocolate 3: A phone we hadn't seen before, that ditches… »6/11/08 10:04am6/11/08 10:04am