LG's Prada Phone Soon Out, Could Be Your iPhone Placeholder Til June

Maybe this is their way of sticking it to Apple, but LG today officially announced its new Prada phone, also know as the KE850. Aside from the fact that it's black and has a touchscreen, the similarities with the iPhone are minimal...not really. The LG has a 3-inch 400 x 240 screen to the iPhone's 3.5-inch 480 x 320… » 1/18/07 9:55am 1/18/07 9:55am

Tracking the iPhone's DNA: Who's its Touchscreen's Daddy?

myiPhone.com and macrumors are thinking the same thing: Maybe the iPhone's touch tech is licensed from Synaptics, and therefore the same tech demoed in the Onyx concept phone and the touchscreen-tastic LG KE850 above. Family? Maybe. Extensive videos attemping to prove so are worth watching over at myiPhone.com, and… » 1/17/07 6:48pm 1/17/07 6:48pm