LG Prada II Officially Decent, Expensive and Faaaabulous

LG and Prada have just sent out a pre-announcement for the upcoming Prada II, sequel to the companies' first touchscreen lovechild that was released well over a year ago. Stand-out features include a 5MP camera, FM radio, 7.2Mbps HSDPA 850/2100 (hey, North American importers) and Wi-Fi. The rest of the tech… » 10/13/08 6:11am 10/13/08 6:11am

Possible LG Prada II Photo Leaked

A few months ago a rumor floated around that LG was planning a second coming of the Prada phone » 8/20/08 2:48pm 8/20/08 2:48pm with features like a 3-inch touchscreen, 5MP camera, a front mounted camera for video calling, 7.2 Mbps HSDPA, a full HTML browser, microSDHC, and a slide-out QWERTY. Obviously, we can't confirm any of that information by…

LG Prada II Cellphone Details Leaked

According to a leaked specifications list, LG has a Prada II handset in the works, and it sounds like it will be packing quite a punch. The details that have been leaked suggest the cellphone will have a 3-inch (400x240) WQVGA touchscreen, 5MP camera, front mounted camera for video calling, Wi-Fi connectivity, 7.2 Mbps … » 4/26/08 10:00am 4/26/08 10:00am

AT&T LG Vu Specs, Images Leaked

The chaps at Phone Arena have managed to gain some leaked press shots of AT&T's LG Vu, and it is looking tastier than before. The Vu will come in two primary versions; the CU915 will lack a mobile TV antenna, whilst the CU920 will be supplied with mobile TV antenna, which will support AT&T's new, streaming TV service.… » 3/30/08 9:00am 3/30/08 9:00am

LG VX9700 Touchphone For Verizon Is Like the Prada or AT&T Vu

Verizon's getting its own version of the AT&T Vu, a touchscreen LG Prada phone without the Prada branding. Phone Arena says the specs on this look something like a 3.2-megapixel camera with a Schneider Kreuznach lens, microUSB port, microSDHC slot, touchscreen, and a full QWERTY keyboard. It's also supposed to be headed … » 3/17/08 3:00pm 3/17/08 3:00pm

AT&T to Launch Mobile TV Service, LG Vu Will Be First Phone to Support

RCR Wireless News claims AT&T will launch their own mobile TV service as early as February 5, and the 3G, touchscreen LG Vu (better known as the LG Prada) will be the first phone to support the service. The service will use the same Qualcomm MediaFLO backbone as the Verizon V Cast TV video service, which currently… » 1/22/08 11:02pm 1/22/08 11:02pm

LG Prada vs iPhone Comparisons Imminent, Stupid

Get ready for an onslaught of LG Prada vs iPhone comparisons. They're both touch screens, but the only way an LG Prada phone can beat an iPhone is if the iPhone is a papercraft model. I'm not going to honor it by doing a side by side. My comparison last month, based off of previous iPhone use, still stands. [LG Prada… » 6/30/07 6:51pm 6/30/07 6:51pm

LG Planning Dual Touchscreen Clamshell

Now that the Prada phone is out, rumor has it that LG is planning another touchscreen cellphone. This time around the phone will be a clamshell with dual touchscreens (like this NTT DoCoMo phone). The touchscreens will function as one giant display, or they can act independently of one another, with the bottom screen… » 4/26/07 12:40pm 4/26/07 12:40pm

LG Prada Review: A Trendy Phone for Designer Whores

The girls at ShinyShiny got some one-on-one time with the much-hyped LG Prada phone and after spending 24 hours with a preproduction model had some mixed, but mostly good things to say. So the good news first. The touch-screen has no lag whatsoever. Even better, fat-fingered technofiles don't have to worry about… » 3/07/07 4:54pm 3/07/07 4:54pm

LG Prada Launch Date Confirmed, Coming Sooner Than You Think

Word on the Net has it that the LG Prada masterpiece will make its official debut in less than 3 weeks on the 22nd of March. The phone, which is one of the iPhone's top competitors, is expected to go for around $60 with a contract. No word yet on whether it'll come to the States though it wouldn't surprise me if we… » 3/05/07 8:57am 3/05/07 8:57am

Franken(P)review: Attack of the iClones

It's like that episode of Beverly Hills 90210 when Brenda and Kelly both say they hate that black dress with the big white bow on it, but then they each show up to the dance wearing the thing. And then they had a pillowfight in nothing but their hot pink scrunchies to battle for my love. Yeah... » 2/28/07 2:30pm 2/28/07 2:30pm

LG Prada Bluetooth Headset: The Official Ear Candy of the Rich and…

It's been less than a week since our encounter with the beautiful LG Prada phone and already we're back with news of the phone's first accessory, the equally stylish LG Prada Bluetooth headset. The headset has a display with a battery meter, volume indicator, and caller ID, but what matters most is the presence of the … » 2/22/07 9:18am 2/22/07 9:18am

Locked in Glass: Five 3GSM Phones We'd Snatch in a Heartbeat

It's the final day here at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, and of all the phones I've seen, after the jump are the five I'd like to take back home with me. That is, if they hadn't been locked up in glass and/or under tight supervision. » 2/15/07 11:14am 2/15/07 11:14am

The Beauty Behind the LG Prada Phone

It's day 4 here at 3GSM and the LG booth is once again packed with beautiful people and geeks alike. Everyone clamming to get some one-on-one time with the LG Prada lovechild. But today we come to you with some dirt on the LG Prada guardian, she's none other than Miss Barcelona 2003 semi-finalist, Laura Ocano… » 2/15/07 7:07am 2/15/07 7:07am

Top 10 Phones of 3GSM

The 3GSM World Congress only started today. But like children who can't keep secrets or hold their bladders, every handset maker announced its new lineup in "me first" fashion. Which is why we're able to bring you this top 10 list of the most outlandish, impressive and iPhone-like phones of the show. Starting with… » 2/12/07 1:45pm 2/12/07 1:45pm

LG Prada Hands-On: So Stylishly iPhone-like, Only Pretty People Can…

Click to view That's right. There was only one LG Prada phone to be had at the LG booth at 3GSM and the only person lucky enough to cop a feel was the LG Prada model, who insisted press only take pictures of her with the phone. Nevertheless, I did get some hands-on time with the phone and though I normally hate fashion … » 2/12/07 11:51am 2/12/07 11:51am

LG Prada Phone UI Walkthrough

Ever since it was first announced, we've been kinda curious about LG's iPhone competitor, especially after sizing it up to the competition and seeing those pics of the user interface. Well, now you can take a full look at the UI thanks to the folks at Cellulare IT magazine who got some one-on-one time with LG's baby » 2/02/07 11:30am 2/02/07 11:30am