LG VX9700 Touchphone For Verizon Is Like the Prada or AT&T Vu

Verizon's getting its own version of the AT&T Vu, a touchscreen LG Prada phone without the Prada branding. Phone Arena says the specs on this look something like a 3.2-megapixel camera with a Schneider Kreuznach lens, microUSB port, microSDHC slot, touchscreen, and a full QWERTY keyboard. It's also supposed to be… »3/17/08 3:00pm3/17/08 3:00pm

AT&T to Launch Mobile TV Service, LG Vu Will Be First Phone to Support

RCR Wireless News claims AT&T will launch their own mobile TV service as early as February 5, and the 3G, touchscreen LG Vu (better known as the LG Prada) will be the first phone to support the service. The service will use the same Qualcomm MediaFLO backbone as the Verizon V Cast TV video service, which currently… »1/22/08 11:02pm1/22/08 11:02pm

LG Prada Launch Date Confirmed, Coming Sooner Than You Think

Word on the Net has it that the LG Prada masterpiece will make its official debut in less than 3 weeks on the 22nd of March. The phone, which is one of the iPhone's top competitors, is expected to go for around $60 with a contract. No word yet on whether it'll come to the States though it wouldn't surprise me if we… »3/05/07 8:57am3/05/07 8:57am

LG Prada Bluetooth Headset: The Official Ear Candy of the Rich and Famous

It's been less than a week since our encounter with the beautiful LG Prada phone and already we're back with news of the phone's first accessory, the equally stylish LG Prada Bluetooth headset. The headset has a display with a battery meter, volume indicator, and caller ID, but what matters most is the presence of… »2/22/07 9:18am2/22/07 9:18am

LG Prada Hands-On: So Stylishly iPhone-like, Only Pretty People Can Hold It

Click to view That's right. There was only one LG Prada phone to be had at the LG booth at 3GSM and the only person lucky enough to cop a feel was the LG Prada model, who insisted press only take pictures of her with the phone. Nevertheless, I did get some hands-on time with the phone and though I normally hate… »2/12/07 11:51am2/12/07 11:51am