Most Sprint Phones Getting Exchange and Lotus Notes Corporate Email

Sprint really does want the Instinct to be the best iPhone clone in the land, 'cause they're adding corporate email (Exchange and Lotus Notes) to it and a slew of other consumer phones through Sprint Mobile Email Work. The corporate email setup comes gratis with their Everything plans, or $9.99 separately. The other… »6/19/08 3:32pm6/19/08 3:32pm

LG Rumor Rumor Confirmed: Firmware Update Now Available

Maybe Sprint wasn't pulling inventory, but the rumors about the LG Rumor's shoddy firmware turn out to be, well, rooted in truth. Now you or your Rumor-owning loved ones can get a fast free upgrade: Either go Main Menu > Settings/Tools > Tools> Update Firmware, or get your sorry butt to a Sprint store and go to the… »1/29/08 10:30am1/29/08 10:30am

Rumor Smashed: Sprint Still Selling LG Rumors, Just Can't Keep Them in Stock

There was an rumor over the weekend about Sprint stopping sales of the LG Rumor due to a firmware erasure problem, so we got in contact with Sprint and got some information to set the record straight. No, Sprint hasn't stopped sales of the Rumor—the reason why you can't find it in stores is because it has "exceeded… »1/02/08 1:25pm1/02/08 1:25pm