Augmented Reality is Now 3D—on LG's Optimus 3D Phone, Anyway

LG's pinched Layar's idea and made it 3D, though I suppose Wikitude is partly to blame/thank too. They're calling it the world's first 3D AR browser, and it'll only be available on LG's Optimus 3D phone for starters. » 5/10/11 6:40am 5/10/11 6:40am

LG Thrill 4G is AT&T's Glasses-Less 3D Smartphone

Looks like LG's Optimus 3D smartphone will be called the Thrill 4G in the US at AT&T, where it'll have 4G support—and be the country's first 3D phone. With a 5MP stereoscopic camera shooting pics and video in 3D, you'll be the coolest kid around...before 3D becomes yesterday's news, anyway. » 3/21/11 10:02am 3/21/11 10:02am