LG Ally Review: It's No Droid

Among Android handsets with keyboards, the Droid is the indisputable king. The LG Ally, also on Verizon, doesn't change this, but it does make buying a Droid tougher to stomach. » 5/19/10 1:40pm 5/19/10 1:40pm

LG Arena Max Is Awfully Brawny For a Feature Phone

As we become more aware of the various viscera inside our gadgets, otherwise unremarkable gadgets seem suddenly... strange. Take the LG Arena Max LU9400: It's almost definitely a feature phone, but it's got the spec sheet of a Nexus One. » 2/08/10 9:14am 2/08/10 9:14am

LG BD590 Is the First Blu-ray Player With an Integrated Hard Drive

You'd be forgiven for making the jump from "LG's new Blu-ray player has a hard drive" to "LG's new Blu-ray player can rip and store your movies," but you'd definitely be wrong. Still, the BD590 has its charms. » 1/06/10 11:40am 1/06/10 11:40am

AT&T Sues the Pants Off of Price-Fixing LCD Manufacturers

AT&T and the LCD industry make for strange courtfellows, but wait'll you hear what for: AT&T claims that due to LCD price fixing by LG, Sharp and other, they've overpaid for 300 million handsets. Interestingly, they're not thrilled about this. » 10/21/09 12:39pm 10/21/09 12:39pm

LG BL40, Ultra-Wide Touchscreen Phone, Launching Ultra-Soon in Europe…

Since seeing the promo videos for the LG BL40 candybar, I've had a hankering to play around with it. The software is impressive, the 21:9 touchscreen display lickable, and it'll be out over the next few months. » 9/04/09 6:45pm 9/04/09 6:45pm

Vudu Instant 1080p Streaming Goes Live On Connected LG TVs

Check your sets, LG people: the Vudu widget, which lets you buy 1080p films for instant streaming without any kind of subscription, has been quietly pushed out into the world. » 9/01/09 9:13am 9/01/09 9:13am

The LG BL40 "Long Chocolate" Looks Kind Of Ridiculous In Real Life

All I can think about when watching this hands-on video with LG's super-long BL40 Chocolate touchscreen phone is that we've been using the phrase "candybar phone" way too loosely for the last few years. » 8/18/09 12:20pm 8/18/09 12:20pm

First LG Chocolate BL40 Official Shots Don't Surprise, Still Stun

Short of price, release date and carrier(s), there's not a whole lot that hasn't been leaked about LG's comically long next generation Chocolate, the BL40. But somehow, these first official shots are still enticing. I mean, look at it. » 7/30/09 8:19am 7/30/09 8:19am

Hands On With Vudu On LG: 1080p, Like, Now

Don't get me wrong: the announcement that LG's connected HDTVs are getting Vudu streaming—especially instant-on 1080p HDX movies—is a good thing. It's just that we got a few minutes with the service, and, well, something's a little... off. » 7/29/09 11:00am 7/29/09 11:00am

LG Shacks Up With Vudu, Brings 1080p Movie Streaming to Connected TVs

Adding to an already impressive list of services available on their web-connected HDTVs, LG has yanked Vudu into the fold. What this means: instant 1080p movie streaming. Also, that standalone set-top streaming boxes might finally die, as they should. » 7/29/09 9:00am 7/29/09 9:00am

LG Chocolate BL40's Little Brother Outed As BL42 Slider

Sure enough, that mysterious baby brick sitting next to the stretched-out BL40 is a direct followup to the last generation of LG Chocolates, called the BL42. The 3G slider is rumored to have a 240x320 display and a 5-megapixel camera. » 7/16/09 7:50am 7/16/09 7:50am

LG Chocolate BL40 Spy Shots Simultaneously Confirm Beauty,…

You can forget the teasers, promotional videos, and info leaks, because this is the real thing: Live, in-the-flesh shots of LG's Chocolate BL40 phone. We knew it was long, but this handset looks like it's been literally stretched. » 7/16/09 4:27am 7/16/09 4:27am

New LG Chocolate Shown on Video, Crazy-Long Design Confirmed

Well, there goes the rest of LG's annoyingly gradual tease campaign: the next generation LG Chocolate BL40, with a 4-inch, 800x344 (21:9!), multitouch screen has been revealed in full in a leaked promotional video. » 7/13/09 4:50am 7/13/09 4:50am

LG Might Be Ready To Give Up on Plasma TVs Altogether

According to Korean outlet 47News, an LG VP has indicated that the company, barring any drastic change in sales or costs, might just stop producing plasma TVs. UPDATE: » 2/27/09 5:10am 2/27/09 5:10am

LG to Show Off 480Hz Trumotion Display at CES

In a classic more=betterer move, LG is planning to top their current 240Hz sets (and Sony's wonderfully advertised 200Hz Bravias) with an otherwise mysterious 480Hz LCD television. » 12/30/08 6:40am 12/30/08 6:40am