LG.Philips Announces 16.7-Million Color Electronic Paper, Teases World Again

Oh LG.Philips, you are a cruel cruel mistress. You teased us with your flexible 4,096 A4 electronic paper last year and now you are at it again with a new bendy model of the same 14.3-inch size, now with 16 million colors, 1.280 x 800 pixels and 7,000 hours between charges using a typical battery. You say that the… »1/03/08 4:36am1/03/08 4:36am

LG Develops Smudge-Free LCD Screen: Touch Tablets Rejoice

I go into a conniption when I show someone something on my notebook and they press their dirty, oily finger into my screen, knowing I'll have to bust out an LCD wipe to restore its pristine state. No more! LG Philips LCD's latest LCD panel—which takes after non-stick frying pans&dmash;will let you wipe off smudges,… »11/15/07 3:10pm11/15/07 3:10pm