New Lithium Battery Triples Capacity and Charges Fully in Just Ten Minutes

The number one technological hurdle separating humanity from the Jetson Future we deserve is developing a reliable power supply. Even today, we're barely even able to keep out phones alive through the evening commute. But a radical departure in Lithium ion battery technology could help keep our power-hungry gadgets… »2/13/13 6:20pm2/13/13 6:20pm


The Electric Skateboard Built to Actually Ride Like a Skateboard

Powered skateboards have been around since the early 90's, but they've always seemed to require extra components—from handheld throttles to Microsoft Kinect-based sensor arrays—that could never quite capture the feel of a conventional deck. The ZBoard, with an electric drivetrain and weight-sensor control system,… »2/22/12 1:20am2/22/12 1:20am

iPhone Hip Holster Recharges Your Battery While Repelling the Ladies

Sheathing something as slick and pocketable as the iPhone in a holster feels wrong to me for many reasons, but this particular holster adds the handy ability to charge your drained batteries with its own rechargeable Li-ion battery back. It's good for one full charge before it »7/31/08 10:30am7/31/08 10:30am needs to be recharged itself. Handy, and…

Key to Cheaper Lithium Ion Batteries Could Be Inside the Microwave

Researchers at UT Austin have devised a new way to create lithium iron phosphate-the compound inside high-density Li-ion batteries being developed for cars and power tools-that uses microwaves to cut costs. The new method requires lower temperatures (300° C rather than 700°) and less time to fabricate the phosphate… »7/29/08 11:42am7/29/08 11:42am

Mercedes-Benz S400 BlueHybrid: First Planned HEV With Li-Ion Battery

Sure, we have heard word of lithium ion batteries being possibly implemented in a Prius before, but Mercedes-Benz is going beyond concept speculation with its S400 BlueHybrid, which promises Li-ion HEV action to be hitting the production lines by 2009. At present, that makes the S400 BlueHybrid the first Li-ion HEV… »3/01/08 1:00pm3/01/08 1:00pm

Stanford Professor Conjures Up 10x Life on Traditional Li-Ion Batteries

Thanks to nanotechnology, an assistant professor at Stanford University has come up with a breakthrough in the longevity of Lithium-Ion batteries. As well as being able to power your laptop for up to 20 hours—10 times more than current levels—Yi Cui thinks that his design could also work on iPods and other handheld… »12/20/07 7:12am12/20/07 7:12am