Why It's So Easy to Lie on the Internet

There was a delightful story floating around this week about a humongous poop tattoo rendered on some drunken cheating girlfriend's back. It's fake, of course. It's always fake. The internet is Lucy holding a football, and even in the weird online world of immediate and crippling skepticism, we're always sure that this … » 11/30/11 2:00pm 11/30/11 2:00pm

PS3 Guitar Hero Drums Aren't Working in Rock Band

Since Guitar Hero: World Tour features a full set of instruments that are nearly identical to Rock Band's, Activision decided that it was time to take the high road » 10/28/08 1:59pm 10/28/08 1:59pm and make their PS3 hardware completely compatible with their competition. Great, right? Well it is, except for one minor catch: PS3 Guitar Hero drums are…

Wal-Mart IS Carrying the $199 Venturer HD DVD Player After All

After flat-out denying that they were going to carry the $199 Venturer HD DVD player this holiday season, Wal-Mart's turned around and carried the $199 Venturer HD DVD player this holiday season. But if you take more than a cursory look at this sub-$200 player, you'll find that the cheap Chinese knockoff isn't actually … » 11/29/07 5:20pm 11/29/07 5:20pm