Ride Along on a Four-Mile-Long Roller Coaster for Library Books

A few weeks ago we showed you images of incredible robotic library logistics, including the Telelift system of the National Széchényi Library in Budapest, Hungary. Last week I had a special opportunity to visit that library and take a look at its automated book transportation system—basically a roller coaster for… »5/24/15 12:00pm5/24/15 12:00pm


Where Should Obama's Presidential Library Be Built--And By Whom?

Barack Obama may still have three years left in his presidency, but the debate over his presidential library is already reaching fever pitch. Planning the outgoing POTUS' library is an extremely sweet gig, and it's already been assigned to one of Obama's advisors. Still up in the air, though, is where it will be… »1/12/14 5:38pm1/12/14 5:38pm

Girl Leaves Laptop Open in Quiet Library, Porn Plays at Full Volume, Mortification Ensues

We all watch porn. We all like porn. We don't all need to watch the porn we like in the library. In fact, we should never, ever, not ever try to—not even with headphones and in a distant corner of the stacks—because inevitably your cans will come unplugged and all of a sudden it's Ooooh! OH! Unnng Unng... YES! and… »6/01/12 2:45am6/01/12 2:45am

Phone Booths Reincarnated As Bookshelves Finally Make Phone Booths Useful

If you pay close attention to the streets of any city, you might notice the boxy, armored shields that house telephones. Yes! Phone booths still exist. Of course no one ever uses them because everyone has a cell phone but yet they still stand, like unwavering artificial trees. But what if we convert phone booths to… »2/20/12 2:40pm2/20/12 2:40pm

America's Biggest Universities Build 78-Terabyte Library, Still Missing Front Door

Today, 23 of the biggest public and private universities in California, Michigan, Virginia, Illinois and other states* announced a 2-million book online library made of 78 terabytes of information, 16 percent of which are free of copyright and ready for public consumption. Even though the press release says "public… »10/13/08 10:30pm10/13/08 10:30pm

RFID Robotic Chair Follows You Around For Constant Seating

Dutch designer Jelte van Geest's RFID-enabled robotic chair is for Openbare Bibliotheek Endhoven, and it's fantastic. What you do is swipe your RFID-enabled library card in front of the chair's sensor, which then follows you (or your card) around the library so you always have somewhere to sit. Once you cross a line… »6/15/08 2:00pm6/15/08 2:00pm