This American Millionaire Is Using Drones To Rescue Migrants In Africa

Since 1993, 20,000 people have died in the Mediterranean Sea while fleeing war-torn Africa for the safety of European shores. Now, the world's first private maritime search and rescue operation is doing everything it can to help them. And they've already saved thousands of lives. » 3/05/15 5:48pm 3/05/15 5:48pm

What Does This Saharan Oasis Remind You Of?

It's undeniable that this satellite image of the Al Jawf oasis in southeastern Libya is incredibly striking, with large irrigated plots standing out in contrast to their barren surroundings. But, a little like staring at clouds, their lay-out is enough to get your imagination running wild. » 9/20/13 4:27am 9/20/13 4:27am

The Real-Life Libyan Ocean’s Eleven

The treasure was kept mostly in two wooden chests, and locked away in a bank vault: thousands of coins, jewelry and figurines, some around 2,600 years old. For decades it sat in the bank, unattended despite the historical and monetary value. Then, as a popular uprising erupted around the downtown bank last winter,… » 3/16/12 7:01am 3/16/12 7:01am

Wikileaks Uncovers a Global Network of Surveillance Companies for Hire

If you're a wealthy, militant despot of a nation and your sovereignty is slipping away, Wikileaks has discovered that you can attempt to prevent an uprising by hiring a network of spies who operate in the private sector and will keep tabs on citizens who threaten your reign. » 12/01/11 1:55pm 12/01/11 1:55pm

Libyan Rebels Channeled the A-Team With This Anti Sniper Dozer

The Libyan rebels that helped overthrow Qadaffi's regime may not have had the most advanced weaponry at their disposal. But they were resourceful and used what they had available, including converting a bulldozer into a rolling, bulletproof battleship. » 10/22/11 9:00pm 10/22/11 9:00pm

NATO Commander Posts End-of-Libyan-War Facebook Status

Hey, what was the last update you posted to Facebook? That's nice, everyone loves a good cat video. Admiral James Stavridis of NATO just posted his intention to end the war in Libya. Possibly the first war to be ended via social media and definitely the first one to show up next to a Farmville request on your wall. » 10/21/11 3:32pm 10/21/11 3:32pm

Holy Crap Qaddafi's Corpse Is Being Stored in a Freezer at a Mall

Muammar el-Qaddafi, the former dictator of Libya, was killed yesterday but Libyans don't know what to do with his body just yet. Right now, Qaddafi is being stored in a room-sized freezer at a shopping center in Misrata, the home city of the fighters who killed him. A fitting end? » 10/21/11 11:50am 10/21/11 11:50am

Meet the Gun in the Sky that Ended Qaddafi

It might have been a pack of brave Libyans who captured Qaddafi on the ground today, but his demise was started by a single French jet. Details are sparse, but a Mirage 2000 stopped Qaddafi's getaway in its tracks. » 10/20/11 6:31pm 10/20/11 6:31pm

Qaddafi Died Packing a Giant Golden Gun

Qaddafi: dictator, despot, dead, man of immense style. If you knew your reign of shitty terror was moribund, wouldn't you want to go out in style? And so he did, wielding this gold pistol to the very end. » 10/20/11 4:42pm 10/20/11 4:42pm

Qaddafi Has Been Killed

The new Libyan government has confirmed that Muammar el-Qaddafi, the former dictator of Libya, has been killed after his hometown of Surt was taken. Here's a look back at the search and pursuit of Qaddafi, and some of the more extreme tools that have seen action in Libya since February. » 10/20/11 9:45am 10/20/11 9:45am

France Sold Qaddafi a Electronics-Blasting Stealth Super Mercedes SUV

What do you buy when you're an incredibly rich, incredibly paranoid, oppressive dictator? No, not Scud missiles—you already have those! How about a luxury truck that can't be tracked and scrambles everything around it? Bien sur! » 9/19/11 11:20am 9/19/11 11:20am

Tripoli Was Brought Down By a Caterer With a Bunch of Flash Drives

In reporting on the Fall of Tripoli, Reuters tells the inside story of Abdel Majid Mlegta, a caterer who supplied the victuals for Gaddafi's regime. Putting key inside information on a series of memory sticks, this man was instrumental in bringing Gaddafi down. » 9/06/11 1:20pm 9/06/11 1:20pm

Go Inside Gaddafi's Security HQ

The Wall Street Journal takes the first look since the fall of the regime inside Col. Gaddafi's security headquarters. You know, the one with all the tech purchased from international security firms. The complete photo journal is available at » 8/31/11 1:00am 8/31/11 1:00am

International Tech Companies Helped Gaddafi Spy on Libyans

Muammar Gaddafi was a desperate man even before the civil war, and it shows more since the recent fall of Tripoli. The Wall Street Journal reports that Gaddafi had the Libyan people systematically spied upon online for years. And international tech companies helped. » 8/30/11 6:40pm 8/30/11 6:40pm

Shutting Down the Internet Only Accelerates Revolutions

Though many of the Middle Eastern revolutions have come and gone, the prevailing reasons behind them are still under much debate. The conflict largely hinges on whether or not social media can create action. According to one theory, it can actually stop it. » 8/29/11 7:20pm 8/29/11 7:20pm

The Tech That Took Out Gadhafi

With rebel forces in Tripoli and Moammar Gadhafi on the run, the end could be near for the Libyan civil war. Sporadic fighting continues in the capital city of the oil-rich North African nation, NATO warplanes are still patrolling overhead, and there's always the danger of Gadhafi true-believers launching a fresh… » 8/27/11 1:00pm 8/27/11 1:00pm

Inside Gaddafi's Secret Underground Labyrinth

Oh, Gaddafi, you eccentric old creeper. Of course you have a gigantic network of tunnels under Tripoli so you can sneak around and do dastardly shit. Yeah, well, all your tunnel are belong to rebels. » 8/26/11 10:40am 8/26/11 10:40am

Nobody Knows Who Has Control of Libya's Deadliest Weapons

The Libyan rebels are winning. But nobody knows who has control of Libya's massive stockpile of chemical weapons and nuclear material. Wait, what? » 8/25/11 9:22am 8/25/11 9:22am

The Suitcase Drone Libyan Rebels Used to Help Win the War

The Libyan freedom fighters had some serious DIY brilliance, but at least one of their toys was store bought—the Scout micro UAV. The tiny three-pounder provided aerial recon on Qaddafi's men, and helped kick their asses to Tripoli. » 8/24/11 11:40am 8/24/11 11:40am