Microsoft Has Sold More Windows 7 Licenses Than There Are People in the United States

Whoever's idea it was, it looks like it was a good one. 350 million licenses for Windows 7 have been sold in just 18 months. The platform's numbers have continued to climb after reaching 240 million sales in its first year and 300 million back in January. By contrast, Windows Vista sold just 180 million licenses over… »4/22/11 12:24pm4/22/11 12:24pm

R/C License Plate Covers Are a Tempting But Unwise Purchase

All of us have considered it at one time or another. What if we just didn't have a license plate? The cops could spot us speeding, we'd ditch out on a side street and then we'd drive the same car to work the next day without a hitch (or tasering). It was a fun daydream, but now with these RF License Plate Covers, we… »10/28/08 10:15am10/28/08 10:15am

Geek License Plates Show Just How Geeky the Road Can Get (Very)

While this »8/25/08 3:00pm8/25/08 3:00pm is by far our favorite geek vanity plate, we don't pretend that others don't exist. And frankly, if I pulled up behind someone repping a wireless radio standard for all to see on the back of their Hyundai, I think there's a great chance I might spit-take my Big Gulp and risk a rear impact collison. And…

Dispute Over Model Train Control Software Just Became a Landmark Open-Source Copyright Case

Robert Jacobsen wrote a nice piece of software for everyone with a Lionel set in their garage and released it under an open-source license. Fine and dandy. But after a company jacked his code and released it as a commercial product, Jacobsen understandably got a little pissed and sued. After God knows how many… »8/14/08 8:56am8/14/08 8:56am