Drivers In Sierra Leone Have To Play a Board Game To Get Their License

Remember how boring and unbearable driver's ed was in high school? It turns out that learning to drive in other countries isn't so bad. In Sierra Leone, on Africa's west coast, wannabe motorists have to commit to playing a custom board game for several months that makes learning the rules of the road far less tedious. »10/24/13 9:18am10/24/13 9:18am

Microsoft Has Sold More Windows 7 Licenses Than There Are People in the United States

Whoever's idea it was, it looks like it was a good one. 350 million licenses for Windows 7 have been sold in just 18 months. The platform's numbers have continued to climb after reaching 240 million sales in its first year and 300 million back in January. By contrast, Windows Vista sold just 180 million licenses over… »4/22/11 12:24pm4/22/11 12:24pm