The Lick Observatory's Newest Telescope Is an Exoplanet Hunting Robot

Exoplanets—planets orbiting stars that aren't our Sun—seem to be popping out of the cosmic woodwork now that we know where and how to look for them. The Kepler mission alone has discovered 961 of them, and it's only looking at a tiny sliver of distant space. Just think of how many we'll find when the new James Lick… »3/28/14 5:40pm3/28/14 5:40pm


Stunning photos of Lick Observatory by Laurie Hatch

It may look like a movie frame showing an Evil Mad Scientist lair, but it's just a one-minute exposure photograph of Lick Observatory, as seen from Kepler Peak. It's part of a series of outstanding shots of this beautiful place by Laurie Hatch. I asked Laurie to tell us about herself and show us her work. »2/06/14 4:52pm2/06/14 4:52pm