How to detect when someone is lying just by the way he talks

We all carry a portable lie detector at all times and it's called ears. According to this Ted Lesson we can tell if someone is lying just by analyzing his language. This technique called "Linguistic Text Analysis" is based on the difference between how we structure sentences in invented and true stories. »11/04/14 9:44pm11/04/14 9:44pm

USB Presidential Polygraph Lets You Say 'Thanks But No Thanks' to Liars

The Presidential Polygraph is a USB lie detector that will let you quickly and easily determine whether or not someone is telling the truth. For a mere $50, it comes with all the stuff you'll need to determine whether or not your brother-in-law really »10/02/08 11:16am10/02/08 11:16am loves your sister: a pulse oximeter finger clip, skin galvanization…