Rich Gang: Lifestyle

I like to listen to this at many different times in my life because it makes me feel fly. Next time you're in an airport, try popping "Lifestyle" in your headphones and pop on your sunglasses as you walk to the baggage claim. Everyone around you is going to feel a lot less cool by comparison. [Spotify, iTunes, Amazon] » 1/19/15 7:00pm 1/19/15 7:00pm

Are You A Lonely Freelancer? Try Renting A Desk In A Cool Office Space

The life of a freelancer or remote employee is characterized by a few day-to-day truths: a commute that doesn't necessarily involve leaving the bed, pajamas as acceptable daywear, and stretches—kind of long to very long—with no IRL human interaction. Leaving the house is healthy—but where to go? » 2/28/14 3:20pm 2/28/14 3:20pm

Puma Phone: Sporty Yet Styled, From The Solar Panel To Puma OS

I know what you're thinking—Puma and Sagem, two brands you're not particularly fond of. Yet, somehow the alchemy is perfect, as Puma has ensured every aspect of the OS and hardware is ultra-styled and feature-led. » 2/16/10 8:00am 2/16/10 8:00am