How to Set Up a Fully Automated App and Settings Backup on Android

In an ideal world, your Android's apps, their settings, and your system settings would automatically back up to the cloud so that if you lost your phone, bought a new one, or installed a new custom ROM, setting up a fresh device with everything in place would be a piece of cake. The good news: This utopian Android… » 3/23/11 12:11pm 3/23/11 12:11pm

Using Google's Android 3.0 Tablet, the First Real iPad Fighter

This is how an Android tablet should feel. Android 3.0 running on Motorola's Xoom tablet is almost iPad-like, a legitimate threat to the only successful tablet on the market right now. It's about damn time! » 2/02/11 3:01pm 2/02/11 3:01pm