Life Saver Portable Water Filter Cleans the Crap Out of Your…

The Life Saver water bottle is a military grade water sanitizer that can make the dirtiest of water drinkable in seconds. The bottle not only filters out bacteria, but also takes care of viruses and water that has been contaminated by fecal matter. The creator, Michael Pritchard, initially came up with the idea after… » 9/12/07 8:30pm 9/12/07 8:30pm

Warrior Wear Army Clothing Has Built-in Tourniquet

A military clothing company has come up with Warrior Wear, a line of trousers and shirts with I.T.S. &mdash that's an integrated tourniquet system &mdash attached for those fighting on the front line. If you are hit, you just pull the corresponding tourniquet tight to stem the bleeding from the wound. There are four… » 9/12/07 6:13am 9/12/07 6:13am