That Crazy Innovative Lytro Camera Has Never Been Less Expensive

Lytro's innovative camera eschewed the megapixel wars and instead featured a new, focus-everywhere sensor technology. The light-field sensor in the Lytro is the only one of its kind, and as one of the few truly new technologies released in 2012, it's one of Gizmodo's most important gadgets of the year. Plus, they're… » 12/18/12 4:41pm 12/18/12 4:41pm

What Is This?

When I first saw this picture, I thought that the guy had gotten frustrated with some kind of weird do-it-yourself exercise equipment and was about to toss it into the woods. I was only right about the DIY part. » 12/18/09 8:08pm 12/18/09 8:08pm