Portable NES Gets Light Gun, Remains Smaller Than the Cartridges It…

The oddly-proportioned portable NES called the FC Mobile is great because it plays actual NES cartridges. Now, with the addition of a light gun, TV-out, and external controllers, the FC Mobile II is even better. » 4/25/09 7:15pm 4/25/09 7:15pm

Duck Hunt Fashion Cuff For Retro, Accessory-Loving Gamers

So good at Duck Hunt that you need to rep your weapon on your sleeve? I didn't think so. But in case you were feeling nostalgic for both a game and a fashion accessory from a by-gone era, crafts person bettydeath from Etsy has made a cuff featuring a stylized version of the iconic game's light gun. She has both red and … » 6/07/08 10:00am 6/07/08 10:00am

Brando Wii Light Gun Has Two Modes: Regular and Pistol

If you can't wait for the official Nintendo Wiimote Light Gun to come out, Brando's Light Gun looks just as good. It's the standard "gun up front, nunchuk in back" scheme that Nintendo has, but Brando's version actually detaches into a pistol-only mode. And if our hands-on time at E3 told us anything. breaking out into… » 9/11/07 7:00pm 9/11/07 7:00pm