An LED-Covered Drone Traced This Neon Light-Graffiti Through the Sky

Light painting is awesome, whether you use your own two hands and a LED glowstick, or leave it up to a roomba-like robot. But the folks at the production studio Fiction decided to take it up a notch by bring a makeshift UFO into the mix. » 3/10/14 3:00pm 3/10/14 3:00pm

A Giant Tube of LEDs Can Turn Anyone Into a Glowing Graffiti Artist

Light painting is rad: a long exposure, a dark background, and a flashlight all come together to make an eerie, sci-fi effect. High-tech, LED-powered light painting is even cooler, but so far it's been a fringe hobby for die-hard DIYers. Pixelstick, with a newly-launched Kickstarter campaign, wants to put crazy… » 10/30/13 8:20pm 10/30/13 8:20pm

These Girls Are Wearing Nothing But Light

Light painting is one of those magical photography techniques that never gets old. Batman logos! Fancy effects! And even... dresses? Mmhmm. Atton Conrad, an advertising and art photographer, used light painting to dress his beautiful models to make them look even more gorgeous. » 5/16/12 3:40pm 5/16/12 3:40pm

Ghostly Lightpainting Uses a Cross-Sectioned Video of an Executed…

Lightpainting requires a certain sort of skill to get the sort of marvellous results we've seen previously, but Croix Gagnon and Frank Schott went the whole nine yards and played an animation of a cross-sectioned human body on a laptop, which they then whizzed through the air and took long-exposure photos of. » 4/07/11 6:40am 4/07/11 6:40am

Lightpainting Goes Spooky For Halloween

We saw some amazing examples of lightpainting in our Shooting Challenge back in July, but Flickr user Jannepaint has come along and eclipsed them all with his pro-shooting. It's all done in front of the camera, with no after-trickery involved. » 10/27/10 4:20am 10/27/10 4:20am