Gesture-Controlled Light Switch is Like a Trackpad For Your House

The hardware in Mac Funamizu's gesture-controlled light switch would be very, very simple—after all, it's just a trackpad. But it's the input methods that make this exciting: just as laptop trackpads can track gestures for scrolling, this light switch would parse them to control up a roomful of lights, either together… » 11/26/08 7:28am 11/26/08 7:28am

Silicone Switch Design Improves the Light Switch

Just a design from Ross McBride, this silicone switch design simplifies the light switch concept for people who don't quite grok the "up equals on, down equals off" concept. In this case, one silicone bump means, er, on? And two silicone bumps mean, obviously, off. We think. In any case, you can smash the light with… » 9/15/06 3:10pm 9/15/06 3:10pm