Gesture-Controlled Light Switch is Like a Trackpad For Your House

The hardware in Mac Funamizu's gesture-controlled light switch would be very, very simple—after all, it's just a trackpad. But it's the input methods that make this exciting: just as laptop trackpads can track gestures for scrolling, this light switch would parse them to control up a roomful of lights, either together… »11/26/08 7:28am11/26/08 7:28am

Star Trek Plate Covers Won't Make Your Lights Turn On Any Faster

You can't wait for the movie »11/12/08 9:45am11/12/08 9:45am. You have the t-shirts, the tricorder replica, the klingon doctorate, your , your face has morphed already into a sexy Vulcanian, and you have been writing your first Star Trek novel for years now. But do you these plates for your electrical wall thingies? Yeah. That's what I thought. Go…