DIY Laser Lighter: Because Smoking Wasn't Already Dangerous Enough

Experts warn that smoking doubles the chance of going blind in old age, so why not increase your odds with Kipkay's crazy (though admittedly awesome-looking) BIC-lighter hack. How-to video after the jump. » 8/03/09 5:05am 8/03/09 5:05am

Light 'Em Up With This Pig Lighter

What's up with these weird smoking accessories lately? First we see the immoral cigarette extinguishing devices (NSFW), and now here's this crazy Pig Lighter that works when you push his goofy little hat back. Suddenly, flames come billowing out his nostrils like he's some kind of angry fire-breathing dragon. And then… » 10/25/07 3:52pm 10/25/07 3:52pm

Mem|lite USB Lighter Stores Your Data/Lights Up Your Spliff

Having trouble getting that nicotine monkey off your back? Until you do, might as well make that addiction useful by carrying around Mem|lite, a USB flash drive that doubles as a lighter, putting together two objects that have very little to do with each other. Well, not unless you want to store all the reasons why you … » 8/23/07 9:03am 8/23/07 9:03am