Can a Smart Lighter Help You Quit Smoking?

If you've ever chastised a friend for their gnarly smoking habit, you know that scolding does absolutely nothing. Making people feel bad about smoking just makes them want to smoke in secret. Well, here's an idea: What if it was your lighter making you feel bad about smoking. You can't run away from your lighter right? » 5/12/14 1:20pm 5/12/14 1:20pm

The LighterBro Multitool Turns You Into John McClane and MacGyver

If you're a smoker who's always got a disposable Bic lighter on hand, it's time to ask more of that small accessory taking up space in your pocket. The LighterBro is basically designed to serve as a case for your Bic lighter that also happens to give it amazing slicing, repairing, and bottle opening powers. » 1/21/14 9:20am 1/21/14 9:20am

The Most Stunning Way To Start a Fire Since Lightning

The simple form and function of a Zippo lighter has made it an incredibly iconic design. But it could soon be supplanted by Alessi if the Italian houseware manufacturer prices its new Sushi lighter to compete with the Zippo. That, or convince a Hollywood producer to have an action hero prominently use it in an… » 5/17/13 4:40pm 5/17/13 4:40pm

Flip Torch Zippo: All the Light, None of the Burning

For a different kind of light in your pocket, swap out your official Zippo for this lookalike that has the flint wheel and wick replaced with a set of ultra-bright white LEDs. It will never get even remotely hot enough to light a cigarette, but should help you find a more reliable source of fire when it's dark out. » 9/26/12 12:20pm 9/26/12 12:20pm

Use Android's Official Zippo Lighter App to Participate in a Strange, Ancient Concert Ritual

Back when everyone was smoking cigarettes wherever the hell they wanted, concertgoers apparently did this thing where they'd wave their lighters around during certain songs? Or something like that? That was before my time so I don't really know—I had to turn to the anthropologists at Wikipedia to get the historical… » 4/20/11 2:40pm 4/20/11 2:40pm

Transformers Zippo Lighter Makes Us Want to Smoke

The Japanese have all the fun. Just checkout these limited edition Zippo lighters. Embellished with a super hot Transformers design, only 300 will be made, all of which will be allocated to the Land of the Rising Sun. Each Zippo carries its own unique identifier number, and they will be available in either black or… » 3/16/08 12:16pm 3/16/08 12:16pm

Toilet Lighter Showcases Your Emotional Maturity to All Who See It

As any six-year-old can tell you, there ain't nothing funnier than toilet humor. This toilet lighter is sure to impress your nephew, if not any women your own age, with its hilarious combo of a lighter and a tiny toilet. It might be an awkward shape that won't fit well in your pocket, but it's shaped like a toilet!… » 2/22/08 11:15am 2/22/08 11:15am