The iPhone 5 Will Ship With a Free Lightning to 30-pin Adapter After All (Update: Maybe Not!)

Apple's decision to change the iPhone's connector to the new Lightning standard has been ruffling feathers, not least because the adapter required to use it with old accessories costs $30 and doesn't support video. Fortunately, the phone will be shipping with a converter in the box. »9/14/12 8:01am9/14/12 8:01am

This Is the Ugly iPhone 5 Lightning Adapter You'll Need For All Your Old Accessories

If you're gung-ho on upgrading to the iPhone 5 and have a mountain of old accessories from previous generations of the iPhone and iPod, this is the ugly adapter you'll need to buy for all of your deprecated gear. The iPhone 5 introduces a new, and considerably smaller, Lightning connector that's incompatible with… »9/12/12 1:45pm9/12/12 1:45pm