A Plane Getting Struck By a Lightning Bolt is Always Scary

Though most of us know that lightning bolts striking planes aren't too much to worry about these days, seeing the actual bolt go through the plane is always a frightening sight. There are hundreds of people in that flying tube! And they're getting zapped by lightning! Of course, there probably unaware of it and it's… »8/01/13 8:30pm8/01/13 8:30pm

An Unbelievable Picture of Eight Lightning Bolts Striking San Francisco at the Same Time (Updating)

A hellacious storm rocked San Francisco last night which meant howlin' winds, pourin' rain, boomin' thunder and an ungodly amount of strikin' lightning. In this picture, we see all four towers of San Francisco's Bay Bridge being struck with lightning... at the same time. Mother Nature, you are a scary mama. »4/13/12 2:20pm4/13/12 2:20pm