iPhone SDK Limitation: Only One User-Made App Running Concurrently, No Background Processes

The enthusiastic high-fives of future iPhone instant messaging users yesterday might be quite a bit less enthusiastic today when they find out that Apple is not going to allow user-made SDK applications to run in the background. This means every application, from IM to VoIP to GPS mapping, will have to terminate … »3/07/08 3:11pm3/07/08 3:11pm


iPhone SDK Detail Rumors: No Accessory Support, iTunes-Centric

iLounge says they've gotten an inside look at the iPhone SDK and came up with a few interesting details, one of which is the limitation imposed on developers that they won't be able to use the dock connector to interface with accessories. That means no third-party GPS connector (or other similar devices). What… »2/29/08 12:13pm2/29/08 12:13pm